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We are Slash, a student initiative at CODE University of Applied Sciences.

Together, we organize Germany's biggest student-led Hackathon, the Slash Hackathon, at which we unite the most talented, tech-interested students & young professionals at our campus every year.



Located in Berlin

At the heart of the upcoming German Tech-Scene


Participants at our Hackathon this year

Meet this year's team

Simon Savin
Khalid Thainat
Zaid Zaim
Developer Relations
Julien Kloevekorn
Event Management
Melvin Rinkleff
Event Management & Partnerships
Zino Meyer
Management | Event & Marketing
Matthias Frey
Management | Partnerships
Ignazio Balistreri
Clara Janke
Noë Hecker
Burcu Baycan
Max Arnold
Tech Lead

One of Germany's leading student initiatives

As one of Germany's leading student initiatives we are proud to have a strong connection to some of the most ambitious and forward-thinking students in our country. 

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What drives us?

Our Vision

We want to connect and empower the digital shapers of tomorrow.

Our Mission

We organize events that bring together students & young professionals from all over the world and serve as a catalyst for both their ideas and careers.

Our Core Values

Emoji representing equality


We constantly ensure that our team and events are represented by all genders.

We value everyone’s contribution the same, and believe we are all fantastic human beings capable of making the world better.

Emoji representing diversity


We’re committed to create an inclusive environment without discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender, nationality, religion, or disability.

We believe in diversity and encourage everyone to participate.

Emoji representing sustainability


We believe that everybody, including us, can play a positive role in tackling the climate crisis.

Creating sustainable events has been at the core of our mission because of this ever since.

Our Team

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